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Welcome to the perfect source for vent pipe for your pellet, corn, or multi fuel stove.

We proudly feature pellet stove vent products from Simpson Dura-Vent and Selkirk Metalbestos.  Both manufacturers make top quality products designed for use with pellet or corn stoves.   The PelletVent Pro Pellet line from Simpson Dura Vent and the VP Pellet Vent from Selkirk Metalbestos have high temperature ratings of 570 degrees to make them well suited for venting a corn stove as well.

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Whether you are doing a direct vent horizontally, venting vertically through the roof, or doing an out and up installation, we have the pellet vent pipe that you are looking for. Besides having the pellet vent kit that will make your stove installation a breeze, we also feature a variety of stove vent pipe in varying lengths. Simpson Dura-Vent and Metalbestos stove pipe comes in either the natural silver finish, or in the black pipe finish that some people prefer. Check out our huge selection of 3" or 4" pellet and corn vent kits, flex pipe, wall thimble, clean out tee, vent caps, stove adapter, adjustable length vent pipes, 3" to 4" increaser, 45° and 90° elbows, roof flashing, support brackets, attic insulation shield, and ceiling supports.

Remember to always follow the pellet vent and your stove manufacturers recommendations when installing your pellet stove vent pipe.

Pellet stove and corn stove vent pipe from Simpson Dura Vent and  Selkirk Metalbestos for all stoves and applications.